Monday, February 1, 2010

The Necklace

So as I was making chains over the weekend I started to wonder about the history of necklaces. Men and woman now seem to like them - so why not in ancient times? We see through much of art history in the drawings and statues that people wore all different types of neck pieces, chains, jewels, and often found objects as adornments around their neck. But I was surprised to find that archeologists have found strung shells that date back over 75,000 years ago. Of course they are not sure if this was worn around the neck, but what do you think when through the first person's mind when they tied a bunch of shells to a string and then they somehow ended up around the neck. Was it an easier way of carrying home supper when hands were full with spears and knives? Did it start out as a status symbol for the leader (alpha male)? Or was there a princess in the group who just felt the need to pretty herself?

Whatever the reason, I am very happy that they made that decision so many years ago and have enjoyed seeing the fruits of their idea throughout the ages.