Sunday, June 20, 2010

The World Cup of Gems - South Africa

I am just a little obsessed with soccer these days. So I thought it may be interesting to learn a little about gemstones from the 32 countries that make up this year's World Cup finals. Come back and see what I learn.

Country: South Africa
Gem: Sugilite (aka luvulite)

A new gem to me, sugilite is relatively rare mineral that is pink to purple in color. It was first discovered by a Japanese petrologist in 1944, but is now found in some quantity in Canada and in the Wessels mine in Cape Province of South Africa.

It is touted on many sites as the "best" love stone and is known as one of the stronger stones to wear to ward off evil or negativity and reduce stress. And used by alchemists and or metaphysical healers as a "violet ray" healing stone. So it is sold quite often in a raw-cut crystal form.

I like what I have found already - stay tuned for two more tomorrow.....