Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All that glitters may be gold

So I am on a big metal kick it seems...

I recently read that you can put all the gold ever found in a cube less than 19-meters in length on each side. So it got me reading more about gold.

In a good gold mine they need to move and refine 10 tons of dust for each ounce of gold - imagine how hard it was during the gold rush on the West coast of the US so many years ago.

Gold does not rust, corrode, or oxidize so when they pull out artifacts that have been burried for centuries they still have their luster.

Uses of gold outside of personal adornment include - Gold transfers electricity with less resistance than any other metal on Earth so is used more an more in electronic devices. There are thin layers of gold used on sunglasses for astronaut suits and for pilots because it is best at cutting down the intensity of the sun's rays.

While I still perfer platinum or silver - gold is certaintly an interesting metal.

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